Naver Music App

As a top music service in Korea, Naver Music App has been providing with consumers various services including top charts, new albums, music videos, etc. However, as many functions and contents have been added to the app since its creation, it was necessary to change the design structure. Also, as user’s behavioral pattern had shifted from web to mobile, we felt that we need to create an optimized UI in the mobile environment. I was responsible for the new version of Naver Music App in 2013. I participated from the proposal phase to the final app design, both Android and iOS. The new version of the app received great reviews for its sleek design and more comfortable UX than the previous version.

Year2013AffiliationNaverRoleUI/UX, Visual DesignCollaboratorsEugene Goo, Seunghee Shim, Minju

For better experience for mobile users
The initial challenge was figuring out how to prioritize critical contents and functions.
We analyzed current usage data detailing the users activities and based on this, we reconfigured the app structure.
Project Objectives
Three key factors that are the most important in new version
Explore the possibilities
After setting a direction for the new design, we started to sketch various ideas.
To articulate the new concept, we created high fidelity design prototypes, specific user
scenarios and a basic interaction prototype of the app.
More beautiful, user-friendly, and intuitive
After we fixed design concept, we developed the final design. From the app icon to the interface,
we crafted details to strengthen its usability and bring visual delight.
This new design allows users to seamlessly explore and browse, minimizing the need for navigation.
The contents are arranged in order of priority based on user’s data
and exposed to keep consumption of content.
Various Music Contents
Naver Music provides various music contents including Top 100, Recent Albums,
Genres, Music Videos, and more. You can discover numerous songs!
Mini Player
You can easily control the music you are listening to and
access the Music Player from anywhere via Mini Player at the bottom.
Quick Menu
By tapping the Quick Menu icon in the Mini Player,
you can move to various pages quickly.
You can easily manage your playlist without changing to another screen
Just tap the Playlist icon in the Mini Player.
Music Player
Music player provides various options including random/repeated play, lyrics, album/artist info,
share, and more. We display only important functions and hide the rest on the screen.
Other Screens
To keep it consistent, we carefully re-used colors, buttons, sizes, icons
and components throughout the whole pages.