MYLO Website

MYLO is a fitness startup company based in Korea. Their core service is a flat-rate monthly subscription service that enables users to participate in various fitness classes in different locations based on their interests. I was responsible for the pre-launch website design. I used vivid colors and bold images to bring energetic and playful impression to the brand, and also developed a convenient search system so that users can explore various classes and studios more easily.

Year2015AffiliationMYLORoleUI/UX, Visual DesignCollaboratorsN/A, Freelance

Main Page
To bring energetic and playful impressions to the brand,
I used vivid colors, bold images and a simple layout with minimal text.
Easy Search & Simple Profile
The search filters and contents area were clearly separated from side to side
and used a similar layout throughout the website so that users can control the system easily.