Samsung: Digital health R&D platforms

From 2017, I have been working at the Digital Health Lab at Samsung Research America as a senior interaction designer. The mission we have is to create impactful digital health solutions in clinical research with different US healthcare partners. Based on this, I’ve been developing end-to-end health R&D platforms for different disease states such as Pulmonary, Cancer, Heart disease and more. With Samsung’s advantage in consumer electronics market, I had a chance to work and have experience across various devices and platforms such as patient-facing mobile and wearable apps, clinician-facing web dashboard, and innovative medical devices that are currently under development at Samsung. Most of all, I’ve been training not only designing individual platforms but also creating digital end-to-end ecosystems where every platform is smoothly interacted together as a single service. Since all projects are involved in clinical studies and due to NDA constraints, they cannot be shared in public.

Year2017 - CurrentAffiliationSamsung Research AmericaRoleInteraction, UX/UI, ResesarchCollaboratorsPMs, Designers, Researchers, Engineers

My Workflow
Working at Digital Health Lab is like working at small start-up in Samsung since my role covers
the whole design process from product definition to visual design.

Mobile App, Wearables, Data collection, Accessibility, Clinician dashboard,
Data visualization, Compliance check, Progress analytics

Due to NDA constraints, I cannot share details of the projects that I’ve worked on. But these keywords above
touch the topics I am familiar with and have been working with for the past 2 years.