Reflect: Design concept for future journaling

This project is my master’s thesis, Reflect – A memory archive, explores a better way of preserving our memories. Reflect is a new journaling system that helps people slow down and curate meaningful life experiences. It is a combination of smart journal and touch enabled projector. It connects to your phone and collects your data such as photos, calendar events, and location. Reflect combines and organizes relative data and creates an entry as a single memory for reflection so that you won’t be overwhelmed by information overload or spend time to organize them yourself. In addition, it provides a perfect focused environment by moving the phone away. You won’t be distracted and can develop a daily habit of reflection easily than any other app with an active reminder.

Year2017AffiliationSVA MFA Interaction DesignRoleConcept development, UX/UI, Visual DesignCollaboratorsN/

Full case study coming soon. Until then, check my process here.