INSUNG Website

INSUNG Corporation is one of Korea’s leading off-shore fishing companies. I was responsible for the official website redesign. The old one was filled with outdated pictures, information and an inconvenient interface. Their main request was to change their old image of the company into something more fresh and innovative. Thus, with the new concept, “Open sea”, I renewed websites with strong visuals, well-organized information and easy navigation.

Year2014AffiliationINSUNG CorporationRoleUI/UX, Visual DesignCollaboratorsFreelance

Create compelling visualization
emphasizing their pioneer brand image
With the “Open Sea” concept, I re-designed the website with strong images and a clean and crisp layout.
To enhance brand identity, shades of blue were used as the main color to symbolize strength and energy.
Main Page
A bold and clean landing page with dynamic images
Showcasing various products with detailed information effectively
Ship Information
Introducing ocean-going vessels in a clear and uncluttered way
Other Pages
Keep consistency in various pages including Company Introduction, Business, and more