Facebook: A new Memorialized account proposal

Under the course ‘Crafting User Experiences’ at the School of Visual Arts, my teammates (James Z. Vanié, Ruth Tupe, Sara Lim, Song Lee) and I designed a new memorialized account service on Facebook. These days, sharing our lives on social media is very common. Especially on Facebook, there are many personal records we post every day. But what happens when we die? What do you do with an account when someone is no longer around to manage it? Facebook has no way of knowing which profiles belong to deceased individuals, so friends and family can request to memorialize an account so no one can ever log into it. However, to memorialize an account, a family member has to go through a complicated procedure such as submitting proof of death. So a lot of people struggle with how to handle their loved one’s account. To solve this problem, we redesigned Legacy setting and Memorialized accounts on Facebook. This new system provides user’s autonomy of handling their online “death”, eases the process for family members, and creates an online memorial place where loved ones can share their memories together.

Year2016AffiliationSVA MFA Interaction DesignRoleUX/UI design, Video makingCollaboratorsJames Z. Vanié, Ruth Tupe, Sara Lim, Song LeeLinkvimeo.com

Full case study coming soon.